Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ballet for Beauty, Grace and Alignment.

I have always loved ballet. I took lessons from the age of 4-14. At 15 I was told that I should find another performance art, because whilst I had magnetic stage presence I was becoming too tall and I was developing a very obvious hour glass figure unsuitable for the standards at the time. I was heart broken.
However, I continued to be an avid balletomane and I enjoyed season's tickets to the ballet for several decades. I have been fortunate to see so many fabulous dancers many times. As a youngster I saw Margot Fonteyn - to me the Queen of Beauty and Grace even to this day. I still  love watching film clips of her dancing.
I also continued to collect many books about ballet and, of course, I had (still have😉 ) many ballet themed paper dolls as well as about a dozen multi-jointed ballerina dolls (some with their original costumes and shoes!).
It was with great joy that I discovered Tiekka Tellier and her Everyday Ballet study programs and blog. After all these years (decades), I am having fun dancing again. True, I sometimes do what for me are some  high impact practices on my mini-trampoline! Recently Tiekka's blog was about Happy Healthy Knees. I thought I would share this because I have a sister, a cousin and some friends who are experiencing knee pain. I have occasional pain myself if I am not aware of my alignment. I found this blog very helpful. Also I am practicing my pliés and relevé's regularly.
I hope you will check out Tiekka's blog and perhaps-(if you love ballet) take a lesson or two or become an Everyday Ballet member. Here is the link to the blog
and here is a link to her Youtube channel

I am not in any way affiliated with Tiekka Tellier or Everyday Ballet. I am spreading the good news because  ever since I saw her first videos I have been enjoying ballet again and developing my "Poise-Posture-Power"as well as experiencing more Beauty, Grace and Alignment. Everyday Ballet is a major component now  for me to Appreciate Beauty Everyday

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

PLOG: Picture Blog - First signs of Spring! Part 2

Pink Wild Cherry and Forsythia

Daffodils are everywhere!

The trees are not awake yet.

Daffodils from England brought by the people who built the stone house (ruin in the background) in the 1710's - 300 years ago!

Lovely early white double spirea

The early promise of blueberries this summer! Bee boxes in the background.The bees have been out and about every sunny day!

The promise of hazelnuts-at least for the squirrels and chipmunks!

I really am enjoying photographing the unfolding of Spring this year. Thank you for stopping to look at my little world. Are there signs of Spring where you are? Please leave a comment. I LOVE your comments and I welcome links to your blogs and Pinterest boards!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

PLOG: Picture Blog - First signs of Spring!

I am overwhelmed with many things right now- mostly good😌. I do want to share what is going on in my little world outdoors.  "A  Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words!"

Pink Perfection Camellia

Purple Dawn Camellia

Blue flowers-unknown

Wild Pear Tree
Wild Pear Blossoms

 More next week! I LOVE your Comments. Is it Spring yet where you are? Any signs of Spring? Please share -and Appreciate Beauty Every Day! Thank you for stopping by.

Monday, February 6, 2017

My First Completed Project 2017!

 Ever since I saw this sweater on Ravelry I have been wanting to make it. I finally got going on it! I am very happy with the fit and the pattern was easier than I anticipated.
I did have trouble figuring out the sleeves...Not the fault of the designer!😉
 I photographed the steps once I figured them out. I am making another sweater from this pattern now.

 Here is my video of the sweater
And here is the link to the pattern! I added the roses and the peplum.
 Have you started or finished any projects yet this year? Please share links to your blog / Facebook/ and or Pinterest page! I love your comments. I really do appreciate it that you stopped by to read my blog /view my video.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

When a "win" can look like a "loss"

This week I was encouraged by my accountabilty partner and the Passion and Purpose Mastermind  I am in to post a video about an idea I have for a new career.  It was quite an adventure and I got some more practice shooting a brief video.

So far I have not  had the response I hoped for.  I am wondering if I need to rethink what I want to do next. It really pains me to see so many women not fully enjoying their lives, feeling tired,  and/or overwhelmed. I would love to use all my education and training to inspire open minded women to become fully embodied as the unique gifts they are to the world.
 Maybe I need to take a different approach? Several of my friends have pointed out that I do not spend much time with people who are low on energy😕. Also some have pointed out that I am much more enthusiastic about inspiring people to fulfill their dreams😄. I do like to see people light up!

As much as I enjoy a retired life in the country, I would like to have another career. This time for the pleasure of inspiring people to live their best lives possible.
I am open to suggestions. I do know that I have a gift for helping people to feel seen and heard. I am finally acknowledging and accepting my intuitive gifts (developed at a very early age as a necessity). I seem to be able to see other people's gifts and talents and how they can use them. I will be checking in here on this subject from time to time.
So, the loss is my disappointment at the response to my video- but the  win is that perhaps I am slowly gaining clarity!

Meanwhile, progress is being made on the new greenhouse! Also, I am almost ready to post a crochet update. See you maybe next week- I am having a root canal done😨...
Thank you for stopping by! Please leave comments, suggestions, constructive criticism - also links to your Blog, Facebook group, and Pinterest boards. I love your comments and I will reply asap.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Winter Contrast

Happy New Year! I am getting off to a slow start-not such a bad thing, actually.
So far, it is a time of what Abraham-Hicks calls "Contrast"for me. Yes, I am coming out of the closet - I read and listen to Abraham -Hicks and I even belong to a couple of Abraham- Hicks Facebook Groups.

My view of Contrast (just as I understand it!) is that things in my life are not so much what I wish for.
My ruined greenhouse, the necessity for a root canal next month on a tooth that was apparently injured during my adventures in orthodontistry - no one's fault and I am delighted to have my childhood smile back!😄 An ice and snow storm at the beginning of the year set me back considerably ... I do not thrive in cold weather.

Ice masquerading as snow
Only birds are venturing out

The only tracks anywhere on the property for days!

In my room all is well -one of my Calla lilies!

My cyclamen continues to bloom-over a year! and these lovely pink begonias!

The garden room is crammed with plants from the greenhouse

A view of greenhouse ruin and most of the plants safely stowed.
All in all life so far this year is giving me time to reflect. I am happy that I can appreciate beauty everyday - even when I am iced in!
Please leave a comment and tell me how your year is going so far. Did you make resolutions? Is 2017 looking like a good year for you? I hope so! I LOVE your comments and also links to your own Blogs, Youtube channels , and Pinterest boards!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Thank you, Barbara Fisher!

Imagine my surprise when my wonderful friend Barbara Fisher-  tagged me for this award!  A lovely challenge and a no brainer for this week's blog! Here are Barbara's 10 questions and my answers:

1) What is your earliest memory?   As a baby I remember a large, beautiful silver basket with flowers and leaves and animals. It had a wonderful texture. I could feel the shapes of the roses, the little rabbits, etc.  My mother usually had florist flowers in it- it was usually on a coffee table. I wish I had it! Or even a good photo!

2) Where is your favourite place in the world and why?   There used to be ( it may be there still under another name) a wonderful little bookshop across the street from Wells Cathedral in Somerset England. I loved that shop and when the Bevans moved to Wales I had dreams of buying it and living there! Otherwise I love London, Verona and the Veneto area, - and New Orleans -where I grew up.

3)Do you have a favourite piece of clothing or footwear?   YES!!                                                          
My beautiful blue skirt I bought many years ago in Paris. Here I am wearing it at Versailles soon after I bought it- and much more recently shooting a video in my room.
AND- the gorgeous cream boots and red Mary Janes from Anello and Davide in London also bought many, many years ago. Sadly they are no longer comfortable to wear!

4) What inspired you to write a blog?  The six word autobiography challenge set by Oprah years ago. My very first post!
5) Favourite snack : Plain chocolate Cadbury Fruit and Nut bar or plain chocolate Digestives.
 Otherwise just excellent quality plain chocolate!

6) Have you ever acted or sung on stage?  Yes many times -singing as an adult. Ballet until I was 14.

7) Have you or anyone in your family traced your ancestry?  Yes, my sister as well as cousins on both sides of the family - back to the 1600s. Must have been some  shady characters - we came to America before the Revolutionary War  and we have Viking genes. Certainly some marauding adventurers!

Have you ever experienced déjá vu?  Frequently.

Do you sing in the shower or the car or both?  I prefer baths and I do not drive a car- but I LOVE to sing!

Have you enjoyed participating in this tag?  YES! Thank you again, Barbara!
I am tagging
 Janet at
Beth at
Miché at
Leanne at
Laura at   in Italian, but Google will translate!

 If you decide to participate, here are the "rules":
Thank the blogger for the award  in your post. Answer the 10 questions set by me (see below).
Nominate your blogging friends! Ask 10 of your own questions for them to answer on their blog.
Display the award on your blog or in the post.
I would love for you all to check out their blogs! And if you like, answer any -or all of the following questions in the comments or email me or message me on Facebook!

1) What fun activity do you do everyday (or most days!)?
2) What was your favourite toy as a child/ Do you still have the toy? or one very like it?
3)What is your favourite type of music?
4) Are there books or movies you have read/watched many times? Which ones?
5) Do you like to create things:sewing, knitting, crochet, jewellry, toys, origami- anything? Please share a photo or description
6)Are you a morning songbird or a night owl?
7)What is magical about your life?
8)If you had 3 wishes what would they be?
9)What do you love best about yourself?
10)How would you make the world a better place?

This was fun, Barbara! I hope YOU answer my questions ;^)